The Haunted Davenport Podcast

Season 2, Episode 5: Eerie Indiana

July 2, 2020

The Davenport gang investigates the center of weirdness in Eerie, Indiana. We discuss the series overall, and have a detailed discussion of four episodes: "Foreverware", "The Dead Letter", "Mr. Chaney", and "Zombies in P.J.s".

This is the first of our three summer episodes covering 90's childhood nostalgia, with the intention of bringing some lighthearted fun to a stressful year. Our discussion became much more serious and intense for this one though, which is likely due to the quality of this still relevant and insightful piece of 90's television.


The Century of the Self Documentary:


Music Credits for this episode:

"Haunted Davenport Theme" by Chris Howcroft

"The Buzzer" by Dar Williams

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